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Proof of Industry - Issue #26

Published on Jan 24, 2024

🚨 News & Updates

Covering January 25th, 2024 - February 7th, 2024

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🚀 Bitcoin Company Updates 

GRIID Infrastructure Inc., an American infrastructure company, announced that it will begin trading on Nasdaq Global Market under the tickers "GRDI" and "GRDIW" today. The company, known for leveraging low-cost, low-carbon energy for bitcoin mining, has a growing portfolio and is looking to expand globally.

Celsius Network LLC has successfully emerged from bankruptcy, marking the conclusion of an eighteen-month process during which the company distributed over $3 billion in cryptocurrency and fiat to creditors and created a new Bitcoin mining company, Ionic Digital Inc. The entire process was a result of collaboration between Celsius, Hut 8, strategic partners, and creditors.

Velar, a decentralized perpetual derivatives exchange, has received $3.5 million in seed funding to accelerate the development of their flagship product, Velar Artha. This product aims to unlock $800 billion worth of dormant liquidity in Bitcoin for use in advanced DeFi applications.

🟠 Bitcoin Product Updates

Swan Bitcoin has launched its mining arm, Swan Mining, out of stealth mode. The business unit currently operates at 4.5 exahash and plan to ramp up to 8 EH by March. This move contributes to both securing the Bitcoin network and supporting the expansion of energy production.

Taproot Wizards' "Quantum Cats" digital art sale saw strong demand and all 3,000 NFT-like collectibles were sold for a total revenue of $13 million, despite initial technical difficulties. This shows the enthusiasm for Bitcoin Ordinals and NFTs.

Citrea has introduced a new scalable approach for Bitcoin using zero-knowledge proofs to ensure on-chain verifiability and data availability. Citrea aims to maximize the efficient utilization of blockspace while maintaining the security of Bitcoin's Layer 1.

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🎙 Interviews w/ Bitcoin Leaders

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The Bitcoin Talent Co. Podcast 43: Breaking into Bitcoin Development with Kody Low from Fedi: Host Eric Podwojski sits down with a former Marine Corps infantry officer turned Bitcoin developer, Kody Low, to discuss Kody’s journey of self-education, open-source contribution, Kody’s experience working on Fedimint, insights into the hiring process at Fedi, and opportunities for junior developers to get involved with Fedimint through Base58’s Bitcoin Developer course. (🎙, 📺)

WBD769: Is Bitcoin Crossing the Chasm? With Harry Sudock: Host Peter McCormack sits down with Chief Strategy Officer of Griid, Harry Sudock, to discuss the importance of Bitcoin third places, censorship, ETFs & adoption, bitcoin mining and whether Bitcoin has just crossed the Chasm. (🎙, 📺, 📖)

Coin Stories with Natalie Brunell: Morgen Rochard: Financial and Estate Planning with Bitcoin for Singles, Couples and Families: Host Natalie Brunell wits down with Financial Planner at Origin Wealth Advisers LLC, Morgen Rochard, to discuss long term planning with Bitcoin, planning for different life stages, how much to allocate to Bitcoin, challenges with estate planning, and if financial planners will start recommending spot Bitcoin ETFs. (🎙, 📺, 📖)

The Bitcoin Standard Podcast 207. Central Bank Digital Currencies with Glenn Greenwald: Host Saifedean Ammous sits down with Investigative journalist, Glenn Greenwald, to discuss Central Bank Digital Currencies and their impacts on financial Freedom and monetary policy. (🎙, 📺)

The Pomp Podcast #1302: Bitcoin is Taking Over Stock Trading Apps!: Host Anthony Pompliano sits down with the Co-Founder and CEO of, Leif Abraham, to discuss the shift in investing trends, bitcoin ETF, technology vs financial advisors, giving revenue back to users, and operating the business. (🎙, 📺)

WBD765: Accelerate Bitcoin with Dylan LeClair: Host Peter McCormack sits down with Bitcoin and macro analyst at Bitcoin Magazine, Dylan LeClair, to discuss the pros and cons of spot ETFs, Bitcoin accelerationism and the culture war around ordinals and inscriptions. (🎙, 📺, 📖)

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Join the bitcoin industry's elite network, whether you're a company or a freelancer.

© 2024 Bitcoin Talent Co. All rights reserved.

Join the bitcoin industry's elite network, whether you're a company or a freelancer.

© 2024 Bitcoin Talent Co. All rights reserved.