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Proof of Industry - Issue #25

Published on Jan 24, 2024

🚨 News & Updates

Covering January 11th, 2024 - January 24th, 2024

🚀 Bitcoin Company Updates 

Ego Death Capital, a Bitcoin venture capital firm, was launched in 2022 with the goal of investing in Bitcoin companies and helping entrepreneurs build value for users. The firm has had success with its Fund I portfolio and has now announced new partners and advisors for its Fund II. The firm sees the transition to a world operating on a more honest ledger, namely Bitcoin, as a significant business opportunity.

Trezor, a popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet company, announced a security breach in their support ticketing system that potentially exposed personal information of over 66,000 customers. The company is warning customers of an increased risk of phishing attacks and assures the security of their digital assets.

Stripe, a San Francisco-based financial services and software as a service company, has terminated its services for Bitsaga, a Bitcoin consultancy and payment gateway, due to the latter's sale of Bitcoin mining hardware. The reasons for this decision are not clear.

🟠 Bitcoin Product Updates

Strike, a global money app for fast, safe, payments and Bitcoin announces that their full suite of services is now live in Puerto Rico.

Orange Pill App releases a new Merchants feature on their app. This feature allows users to identify local businesses that are accepting Bitcoin.

Vanguard, a major player in the investment management industry with over $7 trillion in assets, announced that they will not allow their customers to access Spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds due to the high volatility nature of Bitcoin going against the company’s goal of helping investors get ‘real returns’ over the long term.

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🎙 Interviews w/ Bitcoin Leaders

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WBD762: Orange Pilling Wall Street with Hunter Horsley: Host Peter McCormack sits down with Co-founder and CEO of Bitwise, Hunter Horsley, to discuss the launch of Bitcoin ETFs, the impact on investors and the investment market, regulatory challenges and the importance of educating financial advisors on Bitcoin, and the services Bitwise provides. (🎙, 📺, 📖)

Coin Stories with Natalie Brunell: SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce on Spot Bitcoin ETFs, Crypto Regulation and Evaluating Digital Assets: Host Natalie Brunell sits down with SEC Commissioner, Hester Peirce, to discuss the approval of the spot Bitcoin ETFs, SEC’s hacked X account, why the SEC took issue with in-kind redemptions, crypto regulation and how Bitcoin is different, and the biggest misconception about the SEC. (🎙, 📺)

The Bitcoin Standard Podcast 204. Milei’s Argentina with Philip Bagus: Host Saifedean Ammous sits down with Austrian economist, Philip Bagus, to discuss what Milei’s presidency will look like, if Milei can turn Argentina around, dollarization, and the IMF’s continued role in the country. (🎙, 📺)

The Bitcoin Frontier: Demanding Payment in bitcoin with Will Cole: Host Joe Burnett sits down with the Head of Product at Zaprite, Will Cole, to discuss Zaprite, potential major catalysts for bitcoin payments, why businesses will ultimately demand payment in bitcoin, society’s trend towards more financial censorship, and building bitcoin products. (🎙, 📺)

THE MINING POD: Mine Bitcoin At Home, With John Stefanopoulos of FutureBit: Host William Foxley sits down with Founder and CEO of FutureBit, John Stefanopoulos, to discuss how to mine Bitcoin at home and why it’s important for network decentralization. (🎙, 📺, 📖)


The Pomp Podcast #1293: Bitcoin ETF APPROVED: What You Need To Know: Host Anthony Pompliano sits down with ETF research analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, James Seyffart, to discuss bitcoin ETF approvals, what it means for capital inflow, predictions for the first 48 hours, 30 days, and year. (🎙, 📺)

The Bitcoin Talent Co. Podcast 42: Santos Hernandez from ZEBEDEE: Host Eric Podwojski sits down with VP of Business Intelligence at ZEBEDEE, Santos Hernandez, to discuss Santos’s transition from banking to working for a company integrating Bitcoin into online games. (🎙, 📺)

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Join the bitcoin industry's elite network, whether you're a company or a freelancer.

© 2024 Bitcoin Talent Co. All rights reserved.

Join the bitcoin industry's elite network, whether you're a company or a freelancer.

© 2024 Bitcoin Talent Co. All rights reserved.