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Proof of Industry - Issue #22

Published on Dec 13, 2023

🚨 News & Updates

Covering November 30th, 2023 - December 13th, 2023

πŸš€ Bitcoin Company Updates 

Swan Bitcoin has launched a new institutional division and raised $205M in capital. It offers services such as Bitcoin-backed lending, advisor services, asset management, private equity, and a Bitcoin-only trust company. The company expects to generate $200M in annual revenue and plans to raise an additional $150M for expansion. Its focus on Bitcoin aligns with its goal of promoting Bitcoin adoption and its mission to support its long-term success.

JAN3 Financial has launched a new venture aimed at helping nation-states and high-net-worth individuals acquire and secure Bitcoin. Their services include an OTC desk and assistance with securing and storing Bitcoin as part of a nation's treasury.

Riot Platforms, Inc. has exercised a purchase option for 18 EH/s of new Bitcoin miners from MicroBT and has secured additional purchase options that could increase its self-mining capacity to over 100 EH/s.

MicroStrategy, a leading business intelligence and software company, has continued its consistent investment in Bitcoin by purchasing an additional 16,130 BTC at a total cost of $593.3 million, bringing their total holdings to 174,530 BTC worth $6.59 billion.

🟠 Bitcoin Product Updates

Block, Inc. has launched Bitkey, a new self-custody wallet that aims to democratize access to self-custody for Bitcoin holders. It offers a multi-faceted approach to self-custody without the complexities of traditional hardware wallets and incorporates partnerships with major platforms like Coinbase and Cash App.

Cash App has launched a new zine called "BREAD" which aims to demystify Bitcoin and make financial education more accessible through cultural insights. The inaugural "Bitcoin Issue" features a diverse team of influential writers and artists and is available both online and in select stores.

SunnySide Digital partners with Rosseau to offer cutting-edge immersion cooling technology to its enterprise clients in the bitcoin mining and high-performance computing industries.

πŸŽ™ Interviews w/ Bitcoin Leaders

KEY: πŸŽ™ = listen, πŸ“Ί = watch, πŸ“– = read

The Bitcoin Talent Co. Podcast 40: Sahil Chaturvedi - Bitcoin Freelance Designer: Host Eric Podwojski sits down with Bitcoin Freelance Designer and Co-Founder of the Austin Bitcoin Design Club, Sahil Chaturvedi, to discuss how Sahil started his career as a designer and transitioned those skills to work with some of the top Bitcoin companies. (πŸŽ™, πŸ“Ί)

Blockware Podcast: β€œWall Street is Coming To Bitcoin, This is Why” with John Haar: Host Mitchell Askew sits down with 13 year Wall Street vet and current Swan team member, John Haar, to discuss John’s transition from TradFi to Bitcoin, and what TradFi people fail to understand about Bitcoin. (πŸŽ™, πŸ“Ί, πŸ“–)

WBD744: The Road to Digital Serfdom with John Carvalho: Host Peter McCormack sits down with CEO of Synonym, John Carvalho, to discuss the potential impact of ETFs, the culture of Bitcoin developers and the risks associated with AI technology. (πŸŽ™, πŸ“Ί, πŸ“–)

WBD743: The Debt Tsunami with Caitlin Long: Host Peter McCormack sits down with CEO of Custodia bank, Caitlin Long, to discuss the financial system’s instability, the impact of COVID-19 and the role of the Federal Reserve. (πŸŽ™, πŸ“Ί, πŸ“–)

TFTC466: Bitcoin on the Geopolitical Chessboard w/ Kane McGukin: Host Marty Bent sits down with Arkos Global Advisors Data Strategist, Kane McGukin, to discuss the geopolitical chessboard, the shifting power dynamics between nations like China and the United States and the impact on the global financial system. (πŸŽ™, πŸ“Ί, πŸ“–)

The Bitcoin Standard Podcast 199: The Bitcoin Way Personal Bitcoin Onboarding: Host Saifedean Ammous sits down with Tony from The Bitcoin Way, to discuss how The Bitcoin Way can be your personal Bitcoin IT team, offering personalized, secure and comprehensive solutions for every step along your bitcoin journey. (πŸŽ™, πŸ“Ί, πŸ“–)

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Β© 2024 Bitcoin Talent Co. All rights reserved.

Join the bitcoin industry's elite network, whether you're a company or a freelancer.

Β© 2024 Bitcoin Talent Co. All rights reserved.